Robotics in action! NaXex sponsored and attended the annual Robotics in Education Conference in Sofia MAY,2 2017

April 28th was the final day of the Robotics in Education 2017 Conference which became the home of 250 young smart, creative engineers from all over the world. NaXex Tech Dev was a sponsor of this event and we went there, curious to see the new generation of engineers.

And it was astounding! Iran, Kuwait, etc... there are no boundaries for education as we showed this past week - no wonder NaXex is hosting it.

The event itself was all about engineering - the participants created practical solutions based on existing knowledge and their experience - exactly what we do in NaXex as well. Because engineering is not a degree or an occupation - it’s a state of mind, a way of living. This is our way - the NaXes way!

We had the pleasure to test some of the prototypes and see their work in action. As we observed the work of the young specialists, we couldn’t help but think about inventors such as Da Vinci, John Atanasoff, even innovators such as Neil Armstrong. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to support them and will be supporting it always!

Georgi Gerginov, CEO of NaXex Tech Dev had the honor to give a speech at the closing ceremony of the conference and he wished the competitors success assuring them that NaXes will always have their backs.