NaXex Is Planting Trees for a Green Future

NaXex Technological Development is a Software Company that regularly takes part in different socially responsible activities. The company pays attention not only to its people, but to the environment too.

In November, NaXex donated 80 trees, personal time and human workforce to make the road near Novi Iskar safer to travel by car in the winter. The goal of the initiative was to give assistance to Sofia Municipality in planting trees in a field near Sofia. Software developers, Web Designers and Managers got together for this charitable activity on the 6th of November. The result was more than 50 birch, linden and ash samplings put in the ground.

Naxex’ Software engineers were digging holes and planting trees instead of working on their computers. The University of Forestry in Sofia helped the participants by showing them how to plant the trees correctly so snowdrifts near the road could be avoided. Fortunately, the weather was nice and warm, so the planting event was combined with a barbeque. The Naxex team enjoyed the sun, company and the pleasure of having done a good deed.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) the loss of trees in the past decade could be recovered if people plant at least 14 billion trees annually in the next 10 years. NaXex encourages all people who care about the environment to follow their example and plant at least 1 tree in their life. Literally, every tree counts, even those located in urban areas.