NaXex Technological Development top experts Vladik Khononov, Chief Architect and Hristo Ivanov, Team Lead “Innovations and Optimization”, gave the start of the first session from the new IT events “Ask Me Anything On”. The main topic of the discussions was Software Architecture with special focus on Domain – Driven Design and Distributed Systems. Special guests of the event were many professionals from the IT sector in Bulgaria.

„I am proud to be part of the first edition of the professional IT sessions dedicated to the software experts in Bulgaria. I believe that these specialized events are of extreme importance to all the developers in the sector. Me and Vladik chose to focus on a key area in our work – the software architecture. The tech solutions that we design every day are drivers for the today’s financial world and I am happy that we had such fruitful discussion with other colleagues from the industry.”, said Hristo Ivanov.

“Ask Мe Anything On” is a platform of free events, organized by the Association of Software Engineers, with a special focus on finding answers for the key IT questions and topics. The guest lecturers in each series present a topic of their choice, followed by a Q & A session and a raffle. More pictures from the first event can be found on our Facebook page.