Georgi Gerginov: The software industry in Bulgaria needs at least 20 – 30,000 more specialists

Exclusive interview with Mr. Georgi Gerginov, Chief Executive Officer of NaXex Technological Development, for the newspaper Capital.

As the next edition of the top international event for the software industry in Bulgaria – ISTA Conference 2016 approaches, Mr. Georgi Gerginov, CEO of NaXex Technological Development, talks about the latest trends in the industry and their effect on our life and business. In the digital era 3 major developments will continue to shape global businesses – smart and connected devices, big data and the cloud. According to the latest statistics, 90% of executive directors see digitalization as the key to the transformation of global industries. Bulgaria is keeping up with the newest processes and technology with the most important direction for future growth being the development of original products for export.

“Bulgaria is popular with its IT sector and its highly qualified professionals, especially in our software industry. Currently around 10,000 tech companies are operating in the country and their revenue for this year is €5.5B, which represents a 5% growth. The software segment is developing rapidly and has tripled in the last 5-10 years. According to our estimation, around 50,000 experts are employed in the industry, but the business needs at least 20- 30,000 more specialists. The potential can be seen and the government needs to provide a healthy environment for the business to grow. The most important part is to provide the best possible level of education for the future professionals. Exchanging valuable know-how is also vital for the future development of the industry. Platforms like the international software conference ISTA next month in Sofia provide a stage for distinguished IT experts to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues and in this way, we can get a glimpse inside the global market place.”, said Georgi Gerginov, CEO of NaXex Technological Development.

This year the international conference for the software industry – ISTA 2016, will take place on November 15-16 at Sofia Event Centre with NaXex being the Gold Sponsor of the Forum. More than 1,000 international experts will gather to talk about the latest tendencies in software development, cloud tech and many more. Speakers in the event will be top representatives from industry leaders like NaXex Technological Development, SAP, VMWare, Experian and Musala Soft.

The whole interview can be read here.