Mr. Georgi Gerginov, CEO of NaXex Technological Development, led a special lecture panel and discussed one of the latest trends in global business – flexible working hours, during this year’s top event in Bulgaria – HR Innovation Forum 2016. Mr. Gerginov presented the pros and cons of one of the most coveted styles of work and how it affects the corporate world.

“The success of flexible work schedules depends strongly on the communication and collaboration within the company’s team. With the rising popularity of this type of work arrangement, I believe that it is vital for us to be more agile and to offer the best possible work environment. The IT industry is extremely competitive and if a company wants to attract the best talent in the field it must provide the best conditions for a better work-life balance with social engagement programs and close work relations.”, said Georgi Gerginov, CEO of NaXex Technological Development.

The HR Innovation Forum is one of the most significant events in the field of HR and management in Bulgaria. The forum provides information and presents successful business practices of foreign and Bulgarian companies through practical examples. Among the speakers in this year’s edition were top representatives of Google Cloud, Progress, Sodexo, Hill International Bulgaria and Microsoft.