About us

NaXex Technological Development Ltd. is a leading software company focused on providing the most advanced technological solutions for the finance and trading industry. With a team of top tech talent, the company strives to build an easy yet powerful trading experience using desktops, web browsers, smartphones and tablets, while reliably processing over a billion transactions per year.

NaXex Technological Development Ltd. is a subsidiary of Invesus Financial Services Group and is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has over 120 team members in charge of software development, quality assurance, technical support and additional offices and partners in Albania, Australia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Latvia, China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain, Israel, Ukraine and India.


unique traders used NaXex platforms in 2015


volume of transactions were processed through the NaXex platforms in 2015

What we do

Our years of hard work, proven expertise of our teams and unwavering dedication have allowed us to become the only fully integrated trading platform provider in the Forex market that facilitates state-of-the-art technology alongside some of the most powerful deployment ready solutions.

Today, our most successful products, the Web PROfit and Mobile PROfit trading platforms, are used by thousands of clients all around the world. Following the latest trends and using the latest technologies we are also preparing to launch our unique Smart Watch Widget to help bring the financial markets even closer to our clients.


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